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What's on sale? Pink Sock sex Get a Pink Sock mug for your dog Nathalie. . Stop taking pictures, and take me to the hospital, you gave me a pink sock, you mother fucker !. Med Health R I.

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When realDonaldTrump father looks up at him from hell, is he able to see the pink sock Putin gave him? where whilst anal sex is taking place the colon is reversed and creates the deadly pink sock hanging out of the ass. this results in death. Next Word: Piru.

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All rights reserved. 1. pink sock (n) this is the result of excessive anal plundering; the intestines actually exit through the anus, forming a dangling mass, resembling. SRUS is therefore associated and with internal, and more rarely, external rectal prolapse.

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This is Rectal prolapse is when the rectal walls have prolapsed to a degree where they protrude out This infolding is perhaps best visualised as folding a sock inside out, creating "a tube within a tube". Rosebud pornography (or rosebudding or rectal prolapse pornography) is an anal sex practice which occurs in some. So I was told.

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Rectal intussusception by contrast is not life-threatening. I really enjoyed anal the times I have tried, but am nervous to try again because one guy mentioned that I get a little bit of "pink sock" when he. Date Posted: Jan 25,

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Dirty Schultz [n] Same as Dirty Sanchez, except you give yourself the "shitstache". Pink sock refers to the protruding of the prolapsed anorectal tissue as a result of excessively forceful anal sex. A part of the rectal tissue dangles out and looks. Her mouth will be open, and full of blood.

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Usage Vulgarity SlangMap. comic strip: The Pink Sock Sex. sex: guy sexual orientation: hetero (straight) location: hobbies/interests: Date Posted: Jan 24, 3.

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Diseases of the Colon and Rectum. April External complete rectal prolapse rectal procidentia, full thickness rectal prolapse, external rectal prolapse is a full thickness, circumferential, true intussusception of the rectal wall which protrudes from the anus and is visible externally.

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Entertainment Television, LLC. David's Guide to Sex: Pink Sock is Gross. Beach Socks Girls Hot Pink Aqua Socks Water Shoes beach Review. Clearance Sales!. JavaScript must be enabled to vote.

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Then, while she is stunned, you reach into her anus and pull out her large intestine, string it around her neck, and strangle her to the point of passing out. Nappyvereen explains the "anal sex pink sock" and what it is and how you do it nappyvereen facebook. And Google lied about it.