Matchmaking panther m10

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Even though this tank has only an average of damage per shot, patience and strategy can still deal a good amount of damage even to tanks such as the T29 or Tiger I, especially if you can distract and flank them or lure them into a killing ground. They're both variants of the tier 6 VK (M) - Pudel is a captured German Panther crewed by Poles, the Panther/M10 is a disguised Panther. I bought the M10 at the recent discount and have been very pleased with its performance.

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First game I exploded instantly, plus we lost the final one against one. As a part of the Macthmaking am Rhein panther m10 matchmaking was Operation Greif under the command of Otto Skorzeny. The client values, given for %. They're both variants of the tier 6 VK

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Great stuff, as always, too. However, the Panther/M10's MM is a lot easier to play in (Far worse players at Tier . The Panther/M10 has preferential matchmaking. Thankfully I don't drink milk.

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Furthermore, like the normal Panther, it features a huge hitpoint pool ofequivalent to many T8 medium tanks. Panther/M10 is a tank I want to buy and now it is 50% discount but as Apparently they have decided to keep the preferential matchmaking. In some ways the tank is like a hybrid of the weighty armour and gun maneuvering-dispersion of the Panther, with the Leopard 1 Line's VK D's matchmaking and agility.

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Someone said they don't trust their teammates to spot for them, and that's probably good, but there is a difference between having a spotter that you cooperate with and using your teammates for "bait", so to speak. I get in a lot of tier VIII matches with the VK (M), so with the preferential matchmaking of the Panther/M10 I'd get in pretty much the same. As a support unit, you should always be watching the flanks and trying to keep up with and get around the movements of your enemies if possible.

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Sure I'll toon them with you, should be fun although might take a few to get a game plan worked out. The matchmaker takes tanks from queue, which can participate in tier 8 The matchmaker resolves battle tier on the basis of table below. . 7, Panther/M If you love the Panther you will love the M

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Without pref MM it would be a terrible tank, garbage. Well first and foremost, the Panther M10 has preferred matchmaking. I guess is should bold this part IT HAS PREFERRED MATCHMAKING!. Of course, standing still in a medium trading shots with an assault tank is really stupid

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In fact if anything, the tank was indirectly nerfed when in their infinite wisdom, WoT decided the T series needed a buff! IV hydrostat. F 70 It works in following manner.

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Without pref MM it would be a terrible tank, garbage. Thanks for the review, it sure is a nice tank when used properly and that dpm is crazy.

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The tank brigade was to carry out diversions deep behind the allied lines. Does anyone have experience from all three?